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I have configured my email in google apps and it was working fine till I changed my hosting from Godaddy to phpfog. I have created a new wordpress site there and added an 'A' record for my root domain to the ip addresses specified by phpfog. Now I am unable to receive emails from any in google apps mail, from accounts in yahoo, msn, etc. I am getting emails from gmail and google apps accounts. Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue?

Iy domain is

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Results for MX-records:

Pref    Hostname                    IP Address      TTL     
1    8 hrs
5   8 hrs
5   8 hrs
10    8 hrs
10   8 hrs
30   8 hrs
30   8 hrs

Looks pretty good to me.

Maybe the DNS hasn't propagated to all the other DNS-servers.
Try finding a server nearby to compare:

dig MX
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ok. I will wait for today also. thanks – Shameer Dec 14 '11 at 14:36

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