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I'm writing a Korn shell script for a client, who will use it on AIX 5.3. For testing, I'm using version 93u-1 Debian Wheezy. Is this the same version as the one I'll find on AIX?

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In summary, no.

oslevel -s

/usr/bin/ksh - Version M-11/16/88

/usr/bin/ksh93 - Version M-12/28/93

The version may differ slightly between different TL/SP levels in AIX. AIX by default uses ksh, and very little uses ksh93. Obviously, you can configure your script to use /usr/bin/ksh93. /usr/bin/ksh93 is provided by the same fileset which provides the other shells (

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Thanks, I'll fallback to ksh93 is my script needs it. In the mean time I found information about both ksh93 and ksh:… – Martin Geisler Dec 14 '11 at 13:50

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