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I have a mongo 1.8.3 master/slave setup. slave replication works and tests (collection sizes, query results, updates) all pass.

when i am trying to dump a collection from the slave that actually has more than a few million documents, mongodump only exports 101 objects max (that fact is applicable to all the collections on the slave).

i've read this article in the MongoDB documentation but it's not helping out, still getting only 101 objects back.

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What is the full command that you're using (omitting authentication, of course)? – Andrew M. Dec 14 '11 at 20:39

I suspect you may have a "nocursors" option in your mongoDB config file (or specified on the command line) - you should remove that option and your mongodump will succeed as expected. That option limits the returned results to a single batch and would explain the issue you are seeing. See the parameters listed here for more info:

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I tested and reproduced same problem in mongodb 2.2.3. /2.0.8
If you have wrong configured firewall for mongodump then mongodump only exports 101 documents. Try shutdown firewall or reconfigure it.

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