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I have created /var/www directory on my machine. There works proftpd server. I also created 2 user and each of them has /var/www set as home directory. Both of them are in ftp-users group. Files' owner is ftp-users group. How to set up everything, to allow both of them edit data in /var/www? By now, I managed to configure in such way, that they can edit files, but only created by their own.

Thanks in advance, Peter

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Make the group owner of /var/www be ftp-users. make /var/www be chmod g+s (perhaps recursively). This g+s will ensure that new directories or files created under /var/www will inherit the group ownership. Then have proftpd use 002 as a umask (at least for these users). Using 002 instead of the default 022 will ensure that new files/directories created are g+w (instead of just g+r).

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