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I'm having some certificate issues with my Exchange 2007 server. I only know how to check the certificate information using cmdlets, however I have a limited scope on being able to use them. When I run the following command I get the following result.

[PS] C:\WINDOWS\system32>Get-ExchangeCertificate
Get-ExchangeCertificate : The requested key container was not found.
At line:1 char:23
+ Get-ExchangeCertificate <<<<

I know I'm not doing it wrong because I have another server that I can use this on and I can even tab into the command.

How would I troubleshoot this?

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Contacted Microsoft about this. Turns out there were a lot of self signed certificates that must have been choking up the command (about 2 dozen) with lots of duplicates. After removing all of them but two in the Certificate snap in MMC, I was able to run this command just fine.

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