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I have two servers in my local LAN. One with Windows 2003 and one with Windows 2008 server. Also I have a static IP assigned to My ADSL modem. In my modem control panel I defined some virtual server to access to my Local server from the Internet. I have no problem accessing the windows 2003 server but I can't connect to the windows 2008 server. I opened All port in windows 2008 server even turned off the firewall, but I don't know whats wrong. When I check my IP with port scan it shows the ports that assigned to windows 2008 as filtered.

I can remote desktop to my server via local LAN but via Internet and out of my office I can't.

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Sounds like your NAT isn't setup correctly. If you only have 1 IP address, you'll need to redirect one of your ports (which ever you want) to redirect to port 3389 on your Windows 2008 Server. – Nixphoe Dec 15 '11 at 23:34

Do you get an error when attempting to connect? It would be a good idea to provide the exact text from the error message if this is the case.

I'd suggest looking at this Microsoft KB Article and working your way through the steps if you haven't already.

The article does specify server 2003, but I think most (if not all), applies to server 2008.

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