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i'm currently trying to monitor the 5-min system load average from a netapp filer, via snmp or ontapi apis. currently i'm running a cron job every 5 minutes and calculate the average percent, but i'm wondering if there's a better approach like it's working on most unix systems, to get the values for 1, 5, 15 minutes... didn't find anything on google and "netapp now", but maybe i missed it...

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If you are familiar with using PowerShell, you can use the DataONTAP PowerShell Toolkit and the Invoke-NaSysstat cmdlet to get all sorts of performance information:

PS C:\> Invoke-NaSysstat -Count 3 -SampleIntervalSeconds 5

  CPU   NFS  CIFS  HTTP   FCP iSCSI  RdOps  WrOps TotOps  NetRcvd  NetSent   DiskRd   DiskWr   RdLat   WrLat  TotLat
  ---   ---  ----  ----   --- -----  -----  ----- ------  -------  -------   ------   ------   -----   -----  ------
   1%     0     1     0     0    12      0     12     12   130 KB     5 KB   158 KB   559 KB     0.0     0.1     0.1
   1%     0     0     0     0    18      0     17     17   178 KB     6 KB     6 KB     6 KB     0.0     0.1     0.1
   1%     0     2     0     0    15      4     11     16   125 KB   110 KB   164 KB   681 KB     0.1     0.1     0.1

That information is then easy to export to csv or xml for consuming in other programs (like excel).

If you are using the ONTAPI API's, look at the perf-object-* methods.

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I guess your operating system is Linux, in this case, look for the oid of the metric LoadAverage and you can guet it's value directly via snmp request(snmpwalk/snmpget) without any additional script

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no, it's a netapp filer and has some proprietary os, based on a bsd kernel. the standard unix oids won't work – tintifaxx Dec 16 '11 at 14:37
The SNMP OID's are publically documented here, meaning you can query directly from snmpwalk/snmpget. Personally, I log everything from our NetApp appliance using Cacti – petertonoli Jan 29 '12 at 11:43

The traditional unix "load average" value is not available on netapp. You can see CPU percentages (either average or max).

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