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I have a Nexus 5548UP trunked to a Catalyst 2960S. I have verified that spanning tree is working. I explicitly made the 2960S the root bridge for all VLANs as a temporary measure since it is trunked to an ASA for inter-VLAN routing (router on-a-stick).

If I run debug ip arp event I get messages like the following:

2011 Dec 17 00:59:19.770605 arp: arp_process_receive_packet_msg: Destination address is not local on Vlan99

These are definitely coming across the trunk, but I would have figured that the ARP table would list the trunk port as the port for that entry. What does Destination address is not local mean?

Why is my Nexus 5548UP not adding ARP entries for the trunk to a 2960S even though ARP frames are pas?

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Set an unused IP Address on the SVI and the Nexus will begin to build an ARP table for it.

For example:

int vlan 99
   ip address

From here on out you can ping devices on VLAN 99 that are on the 2960S :)

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