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I'm trying to load a svn dumpfile onto my RHEL server. The dumpfile was loaded from our old Ubuntu server and I used svnadmin create reponame and then svnadmin load --quiet reponame < dumpfilename.

After a short time, I receive the following message:

svnadmin: Checksum mismatch,   
file '/images/lang_cards/large/2001_Lang_Valentines_inside_large.jpg':
expected:  97b1f37b81463ac88a3c2c18abfbb329
actual:  944edbcc7684cb736eca5ed2c0d1c12c

How can I bypass this error, to continue loading the dumpfile?


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Could you please show us the exactly errors? –  quanta Dec 17 '11 at 17:33

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Possibilities include a corrupt repository, a dumpfile corrupted during transfer, or a hand-edited dumpfile (trying to change paths...?).

If you're trying to change paths, maybe any patching greedily touched revision content, vs just revision entry headings.

If you have no way of re-dumping and trying again (or if doing so has the same problem), try svndumpfilter to exclude that file and any others with problems.

To recover those files, you can very carefully patch the dumpfile to have the correct checksum (Text-content-md5?, but verify the file isn't corrupt), or get them from checkouts/working copies (or extract and reconstruct from the text and deltas in the dump).

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