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I'm going away on vacation to a location in Canada where highspeed internet access is not readily available. There's been a dial up connection until this year, where it got cancelled to save money as it wasn't being used 9 months of the year. I'd like to have an internet connection in case some catastrophic happens, as well as to check my e-mail. My thought was to just purchase a dial-up account for a month to do so. Is there any service that provides a connection for a single month, rather than trying to get you to sign up for a yearly plan, or lock you in to a yearly deal? Is there a better solution to this problem that can be done at reasonable rates?


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I'm guessing you're headed WAY out in the sticks for you to say "in Canada where highspeed internet access is not readily available." We're having fiber-to-the-home laid in my part of this city in the not-too-distant future. – Izzy Jul 1 '09 at 1:54
Will there be cellphone reception? If so, you got some options... – NoahD Jul 1 '09 at 2:58
I'm way out in the sticks, with no cell phone reception. I'm originally from Canada, so I have no crazy perception of Canada where I think Toronto doesn't have electricity or anything =) We just happen to be going to a cottage across a lake where the closest town has <1000 people and the closest hospital is ~45 min. away. – user3233 Jul 2 '09 at 17:33

Since I live in Australia its hard to suggest solutions for you to use.

However if I was in your position I would try:

  • Mobile Broadband: You can buy pre paid data sticks that connect via wireless
  • An existing dialup account usually comes with your current ISP
  • Your vacation spot may have a available internet connection for you to use.
  • Internet over a phone/Smart phone (may be more costly)
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If you have DSL access at home, you could try to see if your provider offers a free dialup account with it. I believe AT&T (formerly SBC) does this.

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I don't actually have DSL at home, I have cable. Thanks for the suggestion though! – user3233 Jul 1 '09 at 2:49

Check to see if your current ISP supports iPass. If they do, use this page to find a local POP and dial-in to there. We don't have this any more but we used to a few years ago and it worked well.

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Telus is probably the best choice for dial-up in Canada:

Dial-up Internet Service

It's been a while since I had an account with them and I can't find anything on their site about whether you could sign up for just one month or not. They have local numbers in most Canadian cities, even out in the boonies.

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