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Is there any way to have user login in window-based client machines to authenticate with Fedora Directory Services?

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Are you aware of the Howtos for integrating Samba with the 389 / Fedora Directory Server? You would basically need to run Samba in NT4 domain controller mode and join your Windows workstations to the domain - just as you would have done with a Windows domain.

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Thanks syneticon-dj for your reply. I am not aware of the integration of Samba with 389/FDS. I'm trying to link all my Windows workstation (running Vista) to FDS. Btw, if I'm able to do that, am I able to restrict user privileges in the workstations, e.g. group policy? – tanlccc Dec 20 '11 at 1:01
Samba 3 does not support group policies, it just supports NT4-style policies which often can do similar things. Support for Windows 2000-Style group policies is introduced with Samba 4, but this version comes with an own directory server with functionality similar to AD's. – the-wabbit Dec 20 '11 at 7:48

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