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I need to continuously test the quality of the connection between hosts, and I would like to use ping for that, in order to see WHEN the problem occurs.

It should provide LOG of the pinging, with timestamps of each ping.

Any suggestions for such utility?

Yeah, sorry, Windows! Preferably install and run. Like, for dummy admins :)

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Try EMCO Ping Monitor. It looks like it has it ALL :)

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The free version supports the most features of any tool I've tested so far. And it realy seems to be free as in free. Thx for this suggestion. – Wouter Jun 20 at 14:11
Hmm... limit to 5 hosts. Still, a nice looking tool – Wouter Jun 20 at 14:42

Smokeping is pretty good for this. It'll show latency as well as packet loss.

Edit: Looks like Smokeping needs to be patched to run on Windows. See here and here.

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I'm using PingPlotter Pro for that.

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Would have to second this recommendation. – jeffatrackaid Dec 19 '11 at 18:53
Only works for 15 days for free, and after than it will only be able to record 10 mins :( – Shawn Wang Jun 7 at 3:27

"Ping Monitor" widget for Win7 does this OK.

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-1 installer wants to hijack my homepage and search settings – JamesBarnett Jun 7 '14 at 23:09

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