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Hi I'm using postfix with virtual mail users on Zarafa Collab Platform. I have the requirement of archiving all inbound and outgoing mail. I know that you can use the always_bcc option on postfix to deliver the mail but Zarafa is storing mail on a DB i don't want the archive mail to be stored on the db as well since it will be huge. Therefore I would like to know if this archiving mail can be stored using maildir or mbox format to a local linux user? If so how could i configure it?

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possible duplicate of Looking for an open source email archiving application – mailq Dec 20 '11 at 10:48

It's trivial to re-route the mail addressed to the archive to a different delivery point, however it's not a very neat solution.

I'd recommend using a milter. IIRC Postfix does support milters.

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