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I'm a developer, our Ops team are currently doing F5 rules manually. And nothing is in a source control of any kind.

I want to get to the point where there is a single file in source control, which someone will modify, and then run a script of that single file against the F5 to apply the changes.

What's the best practice on this? I've found a few things, one was Big-pipe SCF. Is that generally how it's done?

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You should avoid developping bigpipe based scripts since it's legacy and removed from v11.

So you have 2 other solutions :

  • TMSH : replaces bigpipe but is already available in v10 (not sure in v9) => Here are bigpipe/tmsh mappings
  • iControl : If you want to do it in the API way => Here is the API reference

I personnally prefer iControl since I don't want scripts to run on my f5 boxes and it's well documented.

In iControl you will have to use this to update your rule.

Now with source control, it will depend on when you want the update to be done : - When pushing an update to the source control - Manually, by pulling the file from source control

In the first case, just add a post update hook script. In the second case, you'll have to define your workflow more precisely

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I've heard of some people try managing f5 with puppet. Never seen anything in production but "rules [badly done] manually. And nothing is in a source control of any kind." so far :( :(

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