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I'm trying to set-up a Glassfish 3.1.1 Cluster for testing purposes.

Currently, I've got 2 hosts with Glassfish 3.1.1 installed. I've set-up a DAS domain on host1, and followed this guide to create the cluster:

This all worked quite well, and I've got 2 instances running on the 2 hosts which I can start/stop etc from the DAS.

However I want to set-up an init script for the individual instances on their relevant host to ensure that the instance starts correctly on a reboot.

I've found the command:

asadmin start-instance --node host1_node1 host1_inst1
asadmin start-instance --node host2_node1 host2_inst1

However this command keeps asking me for a admin username and admin password. I've tried a asadmin --host host1 --port 4898 login, which saves the details correctly. However I'm still being prompted for a username/password on running the start-instance command.

Any ideas???

Cheers Gavin

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You can use

asadmin start-local-instance
asadmin stop-local-instance

on the cluster nodes.

The DAS still needs to be started with asadmin start-domain.

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