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I just started experimenting with SSHuttle as a VPN for insecure networks. It starts up and seems to run just fine, but what I hit my IP remains the same as when I'm not running sshuttle.

Shouldn't my public IP change to the outside world? How can I verify that my traffic is being tunneled?

I'm running an OSX Lion client connecting to a Linux SSH server.

sshuttle -r MYSERVER -vvv --dns 0/0
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One option would be to go to a website like this:

Load this website both pre-sshuttle and post-sshuttle and compare the two. See if it changes, if it does, then that means everything is working.

Edit: Wow,I can't believe I completely missed the second line...?

In that case, it's probably not working, are you running the command as root? Also, try it without "--dns".

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