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I've locked myself out of an APC 9617 management card. Trying to figure out how to reset the password, or even the card to factory defaults. All the documentation I can find says to connect to the serial interface on the 9617 and initiate a reset with the pin-hole button. However, the card has no serial interface. Tried connecting a serial cable to the UPS itself, and somehow managed to send a shutdown command to it (so much for our network stack).

So - has anyone done a reset on a 9617?

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The default username:password on the APC card is apc:apc.

You can configure it through the UPS it's installed in via the proper APC (black) serial cable. Please don't use a generic 9-pin cable. You'll need to connect using a terminal emulation program (minicom, cKermit, Hyperterminal, screen, etc.). The key to doing this is stopping powerchute (or any UPS control software on the server connected to the UPS), setting the BAUD rate to 2400 instead of 9600, and pressing the reset button on the interface card. You should be able to navigate the resulting text menus to gain IP information and reconfigure user names/passwords.

From the documentation for the AP9617 card,

5. Press the Reset button. The Status LED will flash 
alternately orange and green. Press the Reset button a 
second time immediately while the LED is flashing to 
reset the user name and password to their defaults 

6. Press ENTER as many times as necessary to redisplay the 
User Name prompt, then use the default, apc, for the 
user name and password. (If you take longer than 30 
seconds to log on after the User Name prompt is 
redisplayed, you must repeat step 5 and log on again.
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Great, thank you. I will re-emphasize the importance of the APC-specific serial cable :). – bab Dec 28 '11 at 4:08

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