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I have been forced to move from a

Centos Dom0

xen 3

Centos + Ubuntu Lucid DomUs


Debian Wheezy Dom0

Xen 4

Ubuntu Lucid DomUs

However although I can create new DomUs on wheezy I cannot get them to boot.

pygrub returns Error: Bootloader didn't return any data

I have ensured that the disks are the correct way around in the xen.cfg and also that the grub config is correct.

If I try to run pygrub manually

eg /usr/bin/pygrub /dev/volgroup/disk

I get

Illegal instruction

can anyone offer me any advice on this?



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How do you create domUs? Can you show /boot/grub/menu.lst or grub.cfg from your domU? And domU.cfg file too. – rush Dec 21 '11 at 14:29

A few things to try:

1) Boot the guests by using kernel and ramdisk instead of bootloader in the domU config file. You can use the dom0 kernel and ramdisk

2) Try PV-Grub ( )

3) Boot the guests HVM and use the PV on HVM drivers ( + )

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