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I have backup server that gathers backups from few other servers. I want to make directory structure like this


Instead of default


How to do this? I tried to specify parameter

backup  root@remote-host:/backup/snapshots/hourly.0        .       snapshot_root=/backup/snapshots/myhost/

but it doesn't work

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As far as I can tell, rsnapshots only configuration for this is the "snapshot_root" directive.

Man page: "snapshot_root Local filesystem path to save all snapshots"

These are a few examples from:

snapshot_root /var/backups/me


backup /home/me/movies/ /media/
backup /home/me/music/ /media/
backup /home/me/drafts/ /documents/

After running rsnapshot hourly, for example, the snapshots would be stored under


So, pretty much what I'm saying is that I belive there's no easy way of changing that, and that you might need to change the source for this, but of course I can be wrong and if that's the case, please ignore this answer.

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Downvoting, because this answer is not helpful, stating an incorrect belief that the question can not be (easily) solved. (It can, see Dmitry's answer, which should be the accepted one.) – equaeghe May 20 at 9:30

You need to use another configuration file, where you can set different snapshot_root directory (and other backup params).

For example /etc/rsnapshot.additional.conf

After what you need to add to your rsnapshot cron file (if you use Ubuntu - you can find it /etc/cron.d/rsnapshot).

30 3    * * *       root    /usr/bin/rsnapshot daily
10 0  3    * * 1       root    /usr/bin/rsnapshot weekly
11 30 2    1 * *       root    /usr/bin/rsnapshot monthly

lines, like this

30 3    * * *       root    /usr/bin/rsnapshot -c /etc/rsnapshot.additional.conf daily
10 0  3    * * 1       root    /usr/bin/rsnapshot -c /etc/rsnapshot.additional.conf weekly
11 30 2    1 * *       root    /usr/bin/rsnapshot -c /etc/rsnapshot.additional.conf monthly

Which means that rsnapshot will be call two times with different config file and make two backups

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