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I have registered a new AMI (instance-store AMI) so I bundled, upload the bundle and registered. So my question is, could I delete this files from S3? or I have to leave this files to get my AMI work for my new intances?

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You must leave the image and manifest files in S3 for the AMI to work.

Amazon creates cached copies of the AMI if it is frequently used, so it might not break right away if you clear out S3 and test it, but it will cause problems eventually.

That said, I recommend using EBS boot AMIs instead of S3 based instance-store. EC2 won't even let you delete the EBS snapshot that stores the EBS boot AMI.

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Thanks Eric, you're right in your opinion, but I've been in Amazon AWS workshop last week and they recommend me to use instance-store instances to get better performance and just for instances that could be in a autoscale group. My question is I really don't need the ebs volume once the autoscaller decide to shutdown, for this reason I think instance-store could be better and cheaper, am I right? Thanks! and really great blog ;) – enedebe Dec 22 '11 at 20:20
enedebe: In my experience, it's a rare situation where the benefits of instance-store outweigh the many benefits of EBS boot. I generally recommend you try EBS boot and only switch if you are having specific problems that require you to run instance-store. Note that EBS boot still have ephemeral disk if you find it performs better for your particular situation. – Eric Hammond Jan 2 '12 at 9:09

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