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Our disk on our VPS is somehow magically full, I was manually looking for any big files, even used a command to print all files bigger then 500MB, I got no results.

Is there a command which would search or print folder names, which are bigger then 500mb perhaps?

p.s.: I use CentOS 5.7

Many thanks in advance!

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Just bear in mind that you problem might not even be big files. It could just as easily be large numbers of small files. For a quick check compare your free space to your free inodes. – John Gardeniers Dec 22 '11 at 21:09
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I really enjoy using the ncdu utility to provide a graphical representation of folder and subfolder usage on a system...

enter image description here

It's used in a similar manner as du, but makes it easy to navigate directories. The version for your OS is available via source tarball or from the EPEL repository.

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As @ewwhite mentioned, you can also use "du" and manual traversing of the directories if you can't install an application:

cd /
du -h --max-depth=1 | sort -n

This will give you a list, in ascending order of folders and their corresponding size. You can then manually drill down finding folders.

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I don't know of a stock utility that does what you need.

For directories, there's a perl script that does what you need in this LinuxJournal article

For files find would be your friend.

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