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Anyone have an update to date list of Free administrative Tools for SQL Server. There is a forum post on SQLServerCentral but its pretty outdated.

Please provide a link as some vendors do a pretty good job of hiding the free stuff.


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MS SQL Server? or just anything that handles SQL? – jldugger May 3 '09 at 4:03

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Instead of listing them all here, here is a link which contains a lot of free tools and other resources (SQL Server Management Studio Add-ins; SQL injection tools; Administration; best practices, analysis, health and performance, Database Publishing to hosted servers, Update and Migration; SQL Server Analysis Services; SQL Server Integration Services; SQL Server 2005 BI Development Studio (BIDS); Code formatting ...):

Free SQL Server tools that might make your life a little easier from the blog.

Maybe you can find something useful in my Delicious links for sqlserver+freeware too.

You better back up your delicious links since Yahoo is yanking it. – GregD Dec 17 '10 at 11:52
@GredD :-) already done. – splattne Dec 17 '10 at 12:09

SQL Server Management Express is slick and a great free tool for my limited MS SQL needs.


Toad which is used to manage various SQL databases has a freeware version.

Yuck, toad is one of the worst pieces of software I've ever used and I had the enterprise version that was like $1,000+ a license and it was still horrible. I can't imagine how bad the freeware version is. – Chris Marisic Jul 15 '09 at 16:39

There are some new tools available from my company, Atlantis Interactive, all either free or with free editions.

An IDE with code completion, schema comparison tool and space visualisation tool: Atlantis web site

Edit: @squillman - thanks for the heads up. I can't comment yet, but I've just spent ages working on these, and just trying to make sure they get included in lists of free tools, seeing as I'm giving them away! :)

Just a heads up, someone flagged this as spam (which generates a downvote). Generally it's not good practice here to advertise your company, that's my guess as to the reason for the flag. – squillman Jan 22 '10 at 16:27
At least he's not trying to hide the connection, unlike a few others on this site. – John Gardeniers Jan 22 '10 at 18:43

Query Express is only 100kb and doesn't require an install. It works with ms sql, oracle and other oledb.


SQL Internals Viewer - Allows you to browse

SQL Server Fine Build - Best Practices one-click installer tool


DMV Stats - Collect & analyze DMV data

SQL Server Web Data Administrator - Perfect for admin' SQL Server on shared hosting


Redgate just recently released a really cool (free) plugin to SSMS called SQL Server Search, currently in Beta. It does a keyword search for any object in your database or server, and is fast.

There's a really cool story behind the development of this tool. Robert Chipperfield blogged about it. Great read.


I would like to add to the list SQL Everywhere by Atlantis Interactive - even its free edition is very helpful for both database developers and administrators. I liked the most the object search feature and the intellisense, code snippets suport. The tool is very customizable, too.


How about Navicat Lite? it supports SQL Server now


It's not quite how I'd design a SQL UI, but it's reasonable and open source. And it now builds on win32!

Package: mergeant
Description: GNOME Database admin tool GUI for GNOME2
 Mergeant is a program which helps administer a DBMS database using the
 gnome-db framework. Basically, it memorizes all the structure of the database,
 and some queries, and does the SQL queries instead of the user (not having to
 type all over again those SQL commands, although it is still possible to do

Web Based Enterprise Manager, haven't used it in a long time.


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