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Can't access to my conference on my server from internal jids but connection works for jids from conference domain:

test@domain.com to conference.domain.com —> works test@internalxmppserver.com to conference.domain.com —> not works test@domain.com to conference.internalxmppserver.com —> works

Here is my MUC config:

%% Admins of this server are also admins of MUC service:
{access, muc_admin, [{allow, admin}]}.

%% All users are allowed to use MUC service: {access, muc, [{allow, all}]}.

{mod_muc, [ %%{host, "conference.@HOST@"}, {access, all}, {access_create, all}, {access_persistent, all}, {access_admin, muc_admin}, {max_users, 500} ]},

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Here are the MUC relevant bits of my ejabberd.conf for what it is worth - works for me :

{access, muc_admin, [{allow, admin}]}.
{access, muc, [{allow, all}]}.

{mod_muc, [{access, all},
  {access_create, all},
  {access_admin, muc_admin}]},

The mod_muc is of course only valid as part of the modules stanza.

Your configuration looks fine to my innocent eyes, except the '%%{host, "conference.@HOST@"} which puzzles me. What are you trying to do with it ? Remove it and see if it works : the default name for the conference server created with ejabbed is "conference." added to the ejabberd server's hostname.

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This %%host entry isn't mine, it was default in config file. I'll try "all" settings but I've tried it yet, maybe I'll be lucky. –  purple Jan 4 '12 at 22:44

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