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I can't start the Apache service. My XAMPP is 1.7.7 and I'm using Win 7 Home Premium.

I've tried to check using netstat, the port 80 stated there that used by Address with PID 4, Name System.

I've also tried to check the Skype, and it's used port 443, and I've unchecked the check-box "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections".

Also, I've tried to turn off the SQL Server service. Please help.

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First, check your logs !! Apache logs every problems and you should have enough information to solve the problems. The logs can be in multiple directories, look at your apache configuration to find where they are saved. I don't think Skype is waiting on the server port. It use a connection to ports 80/443, but not waiting on these ports.

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