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We have a CIFS share being served out by a NETAPP appliance. The CIFS share has grown to over 2 TB in size. A Windows Server 2003 32 bit-client accesses the share.

Lets say, for example, the CIFS share grew to 3 TB in size. Would the Windows Server 2003 32-bit client be able to access and utilize all 3 TB or would it only be able to utilize 2 TB? I am asking because I know there are 2 TB disk storage limitations with W2K3 32-bit however I dont believe it applies to the CIFS protocol (more generally, NAS storage).

Thanks in advance!

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I have an 18TB samba share and our XP clients use it just fine.

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I don't think there is such thing as CIFS share size limit.

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I dont think so either however an application running on a W2k3 box conincidentally complained of running out of disk space on a CIFS share upon reaching the 2 TB mark. I think it is just a conincidence, perhaps an application limitation. I can write to the volume via UNC path from the OS so that leads me to believe there is also no CIFS share size limitation however I am looking for concrete documentation that tells me so. –  user104997 Dec 27 '11 at 18:11

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