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I have a Sonicwall NSA 220 on my work network (10.0.2.x). I have a tomato 1.28 router (192.168.1.x) on my local home network. Behind that router I have a windows 2003 server (VPN:, LAN: using Sonicwall groupVPN client to connect to the Sonicwall. On the 2003 server everything works great. I can connect to remote shares, exchange server, etc with no issues.

I'd like to be able to access my work network from a client Win7 machine on my home network. First I enabled IP forwarding on the home 2003 server. Next, I set a route on my tomato router (Destination:, Gateway:, Mask:, Interface: LAN). Now, when I tracert (a 2003 server on the work side) from the home side 2003 server there are no problems. But when I try to tracert from the Win 7 client on the home side it gets to my tomato router and then times out on the next step.

I'm not an expert on routing here. I'm not even sure if what I am attempting is possible. The way I understand routing, the tomato routers knows to send 10.0.2.x traffic to my 2003 server (, and the 2003 server knows to send 10.0.2.x traffic through the VPN using the Sonicwall VPN adapter ( Can anyone help me understand what I'm missing here?


EDIT: After looking into this a little more I enabled routing and remote access on the home 2003 server. In R&RA I created a static route (destination:, gateway:, mask:, interface (Local LAN: Now when I run a tracert on my Win7 client it goes to my tomato router ( and then to my home server ( but gets stuck there.

EDIT2: Here's the routing table on my tomato router

Dest                    Gateway                 Mask                Metric       Interface
x.y.z.1 (home vlan IP)  *                  0            vlan2 (WAN)             *                    0            br0 (LAN)              0            br0 (LAN)
x.y.z.0                 *                    0            vlan2 (WAN)               *                        0            lo
default                 x.y.z.1                    0            vlan2 (WAN)

Routing table from home server

IPv4 Route Table
Interface List
0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface
0x60003 ...00 1b 21 0f 45 49 ...... Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter - Deterministic Network Enhancer Miniport
0x70005 ...00 60 73 f8 d2 19 ...... SonicWALL Virtual NIC - Deterministic Network Enhancer Miniport
Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric
     11      1      1      1      1     10     10     10      1      1      1     10      1      1
Default Gateway:
Persistent Routes:

Network Diagram. (win7) -\
                        \ (2003) -- (tomato) -- {internet} -- (sonicwall) -- (2003)
     |                                                                    | (2003 VPN iface)----------{VPN) --------------------------------

I hope that's what you were looking for. :)

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Can you please add a network diagram? Or at least add the routing table on Tomato router? Edit the output and remove any confidential information (e.g. change the public IPs. with something else.) –  Mircea Vutcovici Dec 28 '11 at 16:30
Please do a route print on your home Windows 2003 server. –  gravyface Dec 28 '11 at 17:06
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