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I have a Windows server and all the clients are linux based(Ubuntu 11.10),I want to set up group/domain policy on my network. Please suggest anything other than likewise-open policy. Or how to apply group policy in local machine.

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A quick googling turned this up, not sure if it'll be useful as it seems like it is pretty limited. PowerBroker Identity Services . It doesn't seem like this is a common thing to try to do. – Melikoth Dec 28 '11 at 13:41
"Windows server, Linux clients" - usually it's the other way round. – Hubert Kario Dec 29 '11 at 1:22

We've had pretty good luck with our limited trials of Centrify's DirectControl product:

Centrify DirectControl delivers the industry's most comprehensive support for extending Group Policy to non-Windows systems. It is the only solution to provide both user and computer policies, Mac-specific desktop lockdown policies, and advanced features such as group filtering and loopback processing. Group Policy functionality is seamlessly integrated into the all-in-one DirectControl Agent; there's nothing else to buy, nothing else to install. DirectControl is the only solution that provides authentication, access control, and Group Policy for non-Microsoft systems as a single, seamlessly integrated agent.

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