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Possible Duplicate:
Can you help me with my software licensing question?

The question is in the Title, I had the impression that you needed a Windows 2008 R2 KMS key to setup the KMS host, even if you wanted to activate Windows 7 licenses only. Am I wrong ?

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Am I wrong ?

yes and no. You need a 2008 R2 KMS key to activate KMS, but what KMS can activate depends on the class of the key.

There is a KMS key that allows KMS to ONLY activate Windows 7 and no other WIndows Servers.

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The KMs service activates anybody that asks for activation from vista on up. In order for your server to activate computers, you must have at least 5 Servers checked in for server activation to occur or 25 Windows 7 or Vista machines checked in for client activation to occur.

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