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I recently had a problem with my Fedora Core 15 linux machine where something in my dotfiles got corrupted and caused a freeze on login from gdm such that the box would never get to the desktop. I've narrowed this down by creating a new user and logging in successfully.

I have nearly a hundred dot files with numerous lines of code in them. I wonder if there is a place to look or some debugging method which would help me pinpoint where exactly the gdm login process is dying when it hands off to the desktop?

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The answer is pstree.

I had added a line to .bashrc to start tmux at the beginning of each bash session depending on a -z $TMUX. This was causing X to hang in between GDM and Gnome. pstree revealed the fault.

I'm answering my own question in case anybody else ever makes the same mistake I did.

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I had this problem, I can confirm if for F16 and F17 as well. I removed my 'tmux list-sessions' from my .bash_profile and the problem went resolved. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the problem is in tmux, or in gnome? THANKS – JeffG Jun 13 '12 at 1:31

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