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I have installed WAMPSERVER 2.2 for a intranet application. Now I tried to get mod_auth_sspi to run to get a single-signon. I downloaded the module from this link: But it does not work. WAMPSERVER does not start - the module is no Win32-Service says the error-log.

Can anyone give me a link which works?

Here some infos about the system: WAMPSERVER 2.2-a -- 26/09/2011 VC9 Build Passage à PHP 5.3.8 Passage à Apache 2.2.26 Passage à Mysql 5.5.16 Passage à PhpMyadmin 3.4.5 Passage à SQLBuddy 1.3.3 Passage à XDebug 2.1.2

Server is a Win 2008 R2.

Hope someone can help

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I know this question is old, but I had the same issue. I found that the module was only 32 bit compatible. Someone converted it to x64. The link is listed below.

x64 version

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The sspi module links a library to do ntlm.

The library is defined by the SSPIPackage instruction (see the doc file "installation" delivered with the module for more details).

I am not sure that Win2K8R2 is compliant with the sspi module (and vice versa) nor with 64b servers. But you can try to force the library used by the former instruction.

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