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I have a program that gets login information from Active Directory, I use an LDAP URL simular to this (to query


Is there a way to query and (not in the same forest) using the same URL? Or do I have to rewrite the program to query them serially? (I am trying to avoid a rewrite.)

EDIT: As I suspected, I would have to query them seperately. Outside of the evil EE, I didn't find anything to confirm this. Thanks everyone.

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No, you can't interrogate two different domains in the same LDAP query. You need to work around this programatically

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EDIT: Misread question. I believe you'll have to query them sequentially.

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You'll have to do them separately.

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Assuming your domains are in the same AD forest, you'll want to query the global catalog to do a cross-domain query. Changing the query URI to GC:// instead of LDAP:// indicates you want to specifically do a global catalog query. LDAP will go straight to a domain controller of the specific domain which won't necessarily know anything about the other domains you are interested in.


Keep in mind, though, that the global catalog only has a subset of the attributes available in the AD schema so you might have to go out to the domains themselves anyway. Here's a list of AD global attributes.

Note that it doesn't look like the domains in your question would be in the same forest.

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