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I'm trying to install a standalone DHCP server on a Windows Server 2008R2 machine. Windows is up and running. The server is on an ADDS domain, but is not a domain member. We are going to change the domain, so I don't want to join the server to the domain. There is a DHCP server on the domain, but I want to bring that down. So I need a new DHCP server.

After several failed attempts, including remove/add role several time, I got past the problem with the DHCP not being authorized, but when the DHCP service "starts", it has no properties, and I get error 0X80074E54 with the explanation that the scope parameters are conflicting with "existing parameters".

I'm guessing there's some old data somewhere that the system is choking on, but I don't know where to find it. I've searched the registry for several likely data, but found nothing. I found and deleted the DHCP folder in system32, but that made no difference.

As a last resort, I can reinstall Windows, but I'd like to avoid that. I've found no documentation on this point, but surely Windows must be looking at something to decide that the scope parameters are incorrect.

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