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It seems it doesn't support APIs, cannot create user, cannot change password, etc. keeps the answer as secret.

  If oLogin.getLogin() Then

          oLogin.Password = newpass              
          ChangeResult = oLogin.EditLogin(oLogin.UserName, oLogin.Status, oLogin.Password, oLogin.Account, oLogin.Description, 0, 0, 0, oLogin.Rights)

   End If   

ChangeResult may contain 1 (success) but the result might not be OK in real; that's what my problem is.

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This API gudie shows the commands you are able to use PDF for API

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People informs that API returns the code 1 "success" but nothing happens, no new user, no password change... I can't decide it's my or ME's problem. – Nime Cloud Jan 2 '12 at 15:09
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No. Standard Edition does not support API's. Professional and higher versions support. I've installed Pro, when the trial ends it becomes Standard and then won't support APIs anymore.

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