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I have a large Mysql database containing tens of tables which I need to convert to Postgresql. I have tried a couple of ancient Perl scripts which I found here and there but none of them did the job correctly. So wondering if there is any free and efficient tool/script which you have tried and actually does the conversion with the least hassle.


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Did you try

mysqldump --compatible=postgresql yourdatabase >dump.sql
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The PostgreSQL wiki lists some resources. You've probably found some or all of the Perl scripts listed, but there are some Ruby and Python options that hopefully work. It looks like there is a wizard in the Postgres Plus Solution Pack from EnterpriseDB, too (guide).

If none of that sounds appealing, how about DBConvert? Or maybe the SQLMaestro PostgreSQL data wizard? They're not free, but if none of the free tools work for you...

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Yep I tried most of the links in the PS wiki list, with no luck. As for EDB, to be honest I am worried about invisible strings attaches to so-called 'Pros' and 'solutions'. – alfish Jan 3 '12 at 3:37

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