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From a directory of dozens of files, is it possible to GET or PUT two files at once using SFTP?

I do not want to use a wildcard because I don't necessarily know the names of all the files and don't want to affect other files.

I'm hoping there's something like:


From Google searching and looking on various Stackexchanges, it doesn't look like this is possible.

Does anyone know for sure?

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you can do:

sftp user@host << EOF!
get /path/to/file1
get /path/to/file2

But personally I prefer to use scp in such cases.

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If possible, use lftp as your sftp client (available for all the relevant Linux distros and *BSDs in their package collections):

lftp s

Then you can use mgetcommand:

mget stylesheet.css

If lftp is not possible to use, then you can use -b (batch) option in standard sftp command. First create a text file containing

get stylesheet.css

And then use command

sftp -b yourtextfile.txt
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You can't do this with sftp, the syntax for get is get remote-path [local-path] which means that the second parameter if supplied will be used to rename the file on the local system. Similarly put would rename the uploaded file if a second parameter is supplied.

You could use scp to to the job

scp user@remote.tld:"/path/to/ /path/to/stylesheet.css" /local/path

You could also use an sftp script.

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