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I'm looking for a JavaScript calendar which can be used for displaying data in a nice calendar view. I would need to provide the calendar with a list of established events which have dates and other information, such as a URL to link to and text to be displayed on the calendar. I would also need to tell the calendar which view to render, whether it be a year, month, or even week.

Unfortunately my Google-Fu is failing me as every calendar I find is used for selecting a date as an input. I'd be willing to pay money, but even CodeCanyon doesn't have anything decent.

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If you are willing to use something based on jQuery, a number of folks appear to be happy with FullCalendar.

I haven't used it myself, but it has day/week/month support out of the box, and hooks to let you populate, retrieve/store, change look and feel, etc.

P.S. The Google search that I used was intitle:calendar jquery day month week

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