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My question is about MediaWiki configuration in the area of returning full URLs back to a front-end Apache server. Here is the description of the problem:

If I type in my MediaWiki's URL directly into my browser -- http://MyWikiServer:4409 -- everything works fine.

However, I want another Apache server -- that serves as a "web router" between the internet and inside our firewall -- to act as an internet front end to the wiki. This works for quite a few of our applications, but two things are happening with the Wiki which I am led to believe has something all or in part with the Wiki's configured server name. However, I am not sure about this fact.

  1. The wiki's graphics are not being displayed correctly, and

  2. Routes past the first page, which does display in text form, do not work; that is the links cannot be found.

Does any one have an idea of what could be configured incorrectly?

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Your "web-router" is more commonly called a Proxy. (just FYI) That beings said, whatever method you used to route the traffic is probably not forming the URLs properly... and so what hits the mediawiki as a URL gets garbled up in one way or another... and mediawiki cannot respond with an appropriate response. I would check the logs to confirm this.

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Thanks. I'll check. – octopusgrabbus Jan 4 '12 at 20:23

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