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I'm running XVM on my laptop. XVM has got FreeBSD installed with all the required ports to run APACHE/PHP.

I want this .vdi file to be imported into an EC2 instance.

  • Is it possible to import a virtual OS to Amazon EC2?
  • If yes, does it get all the libs installed and DBs created or just OS?
  • Could somebody please share pointers/hints on how to do this!

Any help is much appreciated :)

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This may actually be possible. Amazon allows you to import VMDK (VMWare) images into EC2. Also, it is possible to convert a VDI to a VMDK. You will need to use one of the available kernels that Amazon provides. If it succeeds, you would get the entire contents of the drive - operating system + all the data - the kernel should be replaceable, and the keyfiles may be modified. – cyberx86 Feb 26 '12 at 5:24
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Short answer, no – you should use one of the available AMI's for FreeBSD:

Also, read up on the link about the current status of FreeBSD on AWS EC2:

Use this AMI and customize it.

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Another advice is to try using another IaaS cloud provider.

Some vendors (e.g CloudSigma or ElasticHosts) running KVM hypervisor do provide scripts to migrate your OS virtual machine including FreeBSD.

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