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I need to log request/response size(body+headers) in the access_log. Any idea how to do it in nginx? In apache we can do it using %I..%O...

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I would use these 2 parameters in nginx.conf:

log_format perf '$remote_addr $status - $request_length $bytes_sent'

According to documentation ( the $request_length is only the body of the request, but I have confirmed that it includes all headers (I have some GET requests with lots of cookies which have more than 1400 bytes in total). $bytes_sent is total number of bytes sent to the client (as opposed to $body_sent which is compatible with apache %B).

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Thanks for the reply.. – RJ01 Jan 5 '12 at 9:42

Reference, here: LOGMODULE

$body_bytes_sent, the number of bytes, transmitted to client minus the response headers. This variable is compatible with the %B parameter of Apache's mod_log_config (this was called $apache_bytes_sent, before version 0.3.10)

$bytes_sent, the number of bytes transmitted to client

$connection, the number of connection

$msec, the current time at the moment of writing the log entry (microsecond accuracy)

$pipe, "p" if request was pipelined

$request_length, the length of the body of the request

$request_time, the time it took nginx to work on the request, in seconds with millisecond precision (just seconds for versions older than 0.5.19)

$status, status of answer

$time_iso8601, time in ISO 8601 format, e. g. 2011-03-21T18:52:25+03:00 (added in 0.9.6)

$time_local, local time into common log format.

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