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Looking to configure auto shutdown for my servers once the UPS battery reaches a certain state. We have MGE / EATON Pulsar M3000 UPS units, and a heap of servers running Ubuntu, FreeBSD and Solaris - oh and windows.

I am all very new to this, so I'm unsure if there is a standard program which I should be using. 'Nut' has been suggested. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Any other recommendations?


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It might not be the right solution for your situation (NUT as mentioned by the other answer is right for you), but a common solution for *nix system is apcupsd. It links to most UPSs (they have a list) and will do remote communication (to shutdown multiple systems connected to the same power source). Also, several big server equipment brands are actually rebadged APC units (such as HP UPSs).

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The only way I know of doing this is Network UPS Tools - as you mentioned but I don't really know much about *nix/bsd so there may be others. NUT does the job and is compatible with some Eaton units.

Although I've also read people mentioning using a windows machine plugged into the ups to inform *nix boxes they should shut down but I wouldn't know where to start on that.

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