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Any idea why the following doesn't work? It hangs with no output.

desktop$ ssh myserver "sudo ausearch -k my_key"

However, the following works. It outputs the auditing history of this key from auditd.

desktop$ ssh myserver
myserver$ sudo ausearch -k my_key

The following also works. (Meaning, sudo is not currently set to require a password.)

desktop$ ssh myserver "sudo ls"
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Since you logon as a normal user you might not have /sbin in your $PATH, which means that ausearch might not be found. To try this, specific /sbin/ausearch manually in your command line. For some commands you also require ssh to aquire a tty, you accomplish this with the -t flag, so to try this out, type:

ssh -t myserver "sudo /sbin/ausearch -k my_key"

To fully emulate a logged in session you can also call sudo with the -i flag, and then you can probably omit the /sbin (since it worked in your logged in session), as this:

ssh -t myserver "sudo -i ausearch -k my_key"
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Thank you sir. The -t flag made it work. – richardkmiller Jan 9 '12 at 19:23

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