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I have a machine which works fine with the precompiled 'generic' ubuntu kernel (3.0.0-13) but when I try to boot up the precompiled 'virtual' ubuntu kernel (3.0.0-13) it just puts me on a blank screen and I can't see any output.

  • What are the steps that I should take to get more information to be able to resolve the problem?
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Don't know about Ubuntu packages nomenclature, but aren't you perhaps trying to run a virtual-environment-only kernel on a physical machine?

Why do you want to use the "virtual" kernel?

As for regular debugging of the kernel: netconsole and COM1 are the common solutions.

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You are right, the 'virtual' kernel flavour is mean to be run only inside a virtual machine, not on hardware. So that means that I'm probably missing critical drivers and that's why it is failing. – Alex Q Jan 8 '12 at 21:53

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