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I'm gonna write a script to pull down the package files, now how can I install them?

Can I get pkg to use a file:// URL instead of an http:// URL?

Alternatively, Is there a better format to do this with? For example, can a stand-alone pkg file be created, given the manifest, and all the individual files?

In case you wondered, I do not want to create a mirror of the repo.

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Wish I could tell you, can't get the damn thing to get past the "dots" in a Virtualbox guest :/ – Tim Jan 9 '12 at 19:40
Took me awhile to figure out what you meant. :) (To those who don't know, that is when attempting to boot to a Solaris image, there are dots while it reads in the OS) – George Bailey Jan 9 '12 at 19:47
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I'm going to point to my answer on your other post. You can set up a pkg.depotd instance locally and add that as a publisher, but pkg cannot install directly from the filesystem. This is mostly because the package server provides extra metadata as well as the pkg search functionality.

The local pkg server doesn't have to be a complete mirror. As I said in the other post, pkgrecv can just pull down what you want (and its dependencies).

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