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I'm new to Solaris and trying to set up zfs pool but when I try this command: zpool create mirror tank c3t2d0 c3t3d0, I get this error: cannot open c3t2d0 no such device in /dev/dsk.

After checking /dev/dsk, i saw that every possible name is listed but not the devices that are listed when I use the command format.

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You can list available disks with the format command.

[root@isis /]$ format
Searching for disks...done

0. c1t0d0 <SEAGATE-ST3146855FC-0003 cyl 65533 alt 2 hd 4 sec 1093>
1. c1t1d0 <SEAGATE-ST3146855FC-0003-136.73GB>
15. c2t11d0 <SEAGATE-ST3146855FC-0003-136.73GB>
Specify disk (enter its number): ^D
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I think he already knows this... "but not the devices that are listed when I use the command format." – James O'Gorman Jan 10 '12 at 19:15

Firstly, you've got the pool name and vdev mixed up slightly. It should be:

zpool create poolname mirror cXtYdZ ...

The pool name comes first. mirror is part of the vdev so is listed immediately before the disk list.

Try it this way around, but output from format </dev/null would be useful too.

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