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How do you enable ssh on extreme summit x450e-48p and x450e-48p switch for secure login. Do I need to purchase a license for that? I haven't found any commands on switch cli.

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Can I suggest that if you don't know how to switch it on or where to look to find out that perhaps you should reconsider whether to do this at all? – Chopper3 Jan 10 '12 at 19:01

I searched Google with this query:

The first entry is a blurb about the switch, and it lists this in its Technical Specifications section:

Secure Shell (SSH-2), Secure Copy (SCP-2) and SFTP client/server with encryption/ authentication (requires export controlled encryption module)

Do you have the encryption module?

You could have found this yourself - you should know how. If you don't, then learn: it is critical that you know how to find answers yourself first before asking others.

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Ok i'll do that myself – sanjay p Jan 12 '12 at 18:09

Extreme package SSH as a separate module, as such, the core image has absolutely no SSH capabilities whatsoever.

You need to obtain the SSH xmod, install it in the same way you would for a full image (download image) and then do run update to make it usable.

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