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I am trying to create an entry in /etc/incron.d/ that'd monitor all changes done under the following directories:


Now, I assume this should be as simple as:

/var/www/virtualhosts/*/*/public/css IN_MODIFY,IN_NO_LOOP php /var/www/virtualhosts/ $@/$#

However, the latter doesn't work. I cannot list every directory simply because they change quite irregularly.

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No, I don't think this is possible.
The path must be a absolute path.

There is also Watcher, I'm unsure if it supports wild-cards in the path, from what I understand of it's documentation, it doesn't.

But you could use it to recursively monitor /var/www/virtualhosts/ and adapt the command you are running to do nothing with files that aren't in /var/www/virtualhosts/*/*/public/css

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