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I'm getting sporadic HTTP 408 responses when I try to load pages from my site.

The network is set up with Forefront acting as a proxy in front of the web server. When I first load the page, it comes up normally. If I immediately click another page in the site, it also comes up normally.

If I wait a couple of minutes before clicking anything, I get HTTP 408 in the browser.

TMG's log shows several entries:
Action - Result Code - Status

  1. Closed Connection - 0x80074e21 FWX_E_ABORTIVE_SHUTDOWN: "A connection was abortively closed after one of the peers sent an RST packet."

  2. Failed Connection Attempt - (no result code): "10060 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because a connected host failed to respond."

  3. Closed Connection - 0x80074e20 FWX_E_GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN: "A connection was gracefully closed in an orderly shutdown process with a three-way FIN-initiated handshake."

On the web server itself, Resource Monitor shows that the TCP connection to Forefront expired shortly before the request that got the 408 response.

Is there a configuration setting that can be changed to avoid this?

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Enabling tcp keepalives?… – ErikE Mar 9 '14 at 2:05
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If you're already using TMG 2010 SP2 (to rule out any already-fixed weirdness), it sounds more like there might be a network connectivity problem between it and the published server.

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