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I have 2 machines, one is used as to host application ( Application Server), another is used to host database ( database server). Both are windows XP.

Now as the App Server needs to access the database server, I need to set the firewall to allow for app server db access the database (mysql), how to configure this?

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If the only access the application server needs to the database server is MySQL, then you just need to add a port exception to the Windows Firewall on the database server for the application server.

  • In the Windows Firewall control panel applet, on the "Exceptions" tab, click "Add Port".

  • Enter "MySQL" (or anything you want... "Bob", "Ice Cream", etc) as the "Name", and "3306" as the "Port Number".

  • Click the "Change Scope..." button.

  • In the "Change Scope" dialog, click the "Custom" radio button. Enter the IP address of the database server.

  • "OK" your way back out.

  • From the application server computer, test connectivity to the database.

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Mysql defaults to listen on port 3306. So you would need to allow your app server access to port 3306 on your database server.

Check out here for more documentation.


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