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Hi is there a way to restart the lockd kernel thread (NFS lock manager)? There were some file locking requests which went wrong and since then it consumes about 50% of CPU. The processes requiring those locks are killed.

Also enabling NLM debug shows me this in logs:

Jan 14 16:50:27 backend2 kernel: [677200.130257] lockd: unlock failed (err = 13)
Jan 14 16:50:27 backend2 kernel: [677200.130260] lockd: request from, port=789
Jan 14 16:50:27 backend2 kernel: [677200.130262] lockd: rebind host localhost
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Nevermind. I have mounted a gluster expoted volume without nolock option. – Calin Don Jan 14 '12 at 17:33

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