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I've always used TimeSync on my servers. With Windows' built in internet time updating, should I remove TimeSync? I've never turned off windows time updating even with TimeSync - what is the best setup?

  1. Remove TimeSync - it's no longer needed
  2. Use TimeSync and leave Windows Time on
  3. Use TimeSync and turn off windows time updating
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Isn't this a duplicate of… – mailq Jan 14 '12 at 22:27
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If you are on a domain DON'T use 3rd party time-sync's !!!! The domain will take care of it and it better be the only one that handles time-sync for the Windows boxes. (Domain computers need to be on the same (or very close) clocks in order for authentication to work properly.) Non-Domain Windows PC's can be set to use the domain controller as time-source (each DC acts as SNTP time-server automatically).

3rd party of MS own doesn't really matter. As of XP/W2K3 the MS time-sync works just fine. It's just a bit basic, but good enough.

Bear in mind that for any NTP or SNTP based time-sync you need access to the time-servers. By default this is usually "" (Microsoft) or "" (anything else) on the internet. If the company firewall doesn't allow this you will have to use an internal time-source and configure the software accordingly.

If you are not sure if there is an internal time-source available go talk to the network administrators. They need one too and usually have a good time-infrastructure ready for use.

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On an AD domain member, I would definitely use only w32time. On a non-domain server, it's probably a matter of personal preference.

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If you thought you needed timesync before, the same reasons still apply so then yes. Windows has always had built in internet time updating (at least from 2k3 on - I'm pretty sure 2000 did as well) so I've never seen a need to run a 3rd party tool. The time structure hasn't changed in 2008.

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